Solar Irrigation system installation

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to plants with the purpose of assisting the growth of agricultural crops to supplement on the water provided by rain. Experience, Innovation, skills and technical expertise obtained coupled with external and internal trainings render the Solar Nation SMC Ltd team irreplaceable. This is intended to apply water to growing plants in a uniform way as much as possible.

This is done in 3 different ways as shown below;

1.Sprinkler irrigation. This consists of a number of micro sprinklers, centre pivot and traveling gun sprinklers ranging from small to big giving up to a throw radius of 35metres. Manually operated systems using treadle pumps for small scale farming. Drip irrigation for pressure sustaining and compensating available in all standard spacing according to the types of crops to be irrigated. Our experienced team aims at effective and efficient installation of irrigation systems to achieve benefit including increased yield and all-time crop production

  1. Drip irrigation. This comprises of home kits and drip lines/tubes. These produce larger water droplets that are less susceptible to wind and greatly minimizes misting and airborne evaporation. This guarantees that the right amount of water goes to where it is most needed in the shortest time possible.
  2. Land scape irrigation. This comprises of pop up sprinklers that are effective and gentle closed in watering that eliminate dry spots around the rotor without washout. This takes into account the varying environmental conditions


Bore holes and pumps

You have to live a better life by bringing water close to where you need it. Our boreholes and pumps do it well at affordable prices. The type of pump to be used depends on a number of factors like the geography of the area, the distance from the water source, nature of the water source either a well, swamp, pond, spring etc