Solar Water Heaters

A solar water heater is a device that heats water by use of Sun energy, it is comprised of a tank and a collector panel, in some solar water heating technologies especially those from China, it is comprised of a tank and Vacuum tubes. Solar Water Heaters are either direct or indirect systems.

At solar nation we are driven by our vision of clean Energy for Generations, we believe that besides contributing towards an enormous saving on electricity bills, Solar Water Heaters are Great players in the Clean Energy Arena.

Imagine how many Trees will be saved when a school, Hospitals, hotel, restaurant and homes if they replace wood with Solar water heaters for heating their water for bath, Utensil cleaning, sauna steam birth, laundry etc.….

Solar Nation Limited has carefully sourced its  top notch solar water heaters from the Leading and reputable solar water heater manufacturers  around Europe and China, We are aware of the substantial investment our clients invest into acquiring solar Water heaters here in Uganda so it is upon us to ensure that you get Value for Your Money when you buy a Solar Water Heater from Solar Nation.


At Solar Nation we stock the following sizes of Solar Water heaters.

Flat Plate:

  1. 120 Liters
  2. 160 Liters
  3. 200 Liters

Vacuum Tubes:

  1. 100 Liters
  2. 120 Liters
  3. 150 Liters
  4. 200 Liters

Solar Boilers:

500Liters to 2000Liters, Note: These are available on special Order.


Why you should Buy your Solar Water heaters from Solar Nation Limited.

At solar nation we understand that real value for your hard-earned money is not simply achieved by simply having a pair of Tank and collector panel installed on your roof, No, we walk with you always by;

  1. Recommending and ensuring that our technical Team carries out a proper and thorough technical survey prior to installation.
  2. A technical survey enables our technical team to recommend the right size solar water heater you need to install on your roof. During the technical survey exercise a number of lead questions in line with SWH will be asked to you, kindly bear with us.
  3. You will benefit from a one-year free workmanship warranty; it will involve two engineer visits.
  4. Our Technical team will keep a service Rota/schedule for you, our Customer care desk will always remind you when the service dates are due.
  5. Our European Brand solar water Heater Come with a 5-year Manufacturers ‘warranty.
  6. Our Chinese Brand Solar Water heaters come with a 2-year Manufacturers ‘warranty.
  7. Solar nation’s Technical Team will give you a Free orientation of solar water heater usage during commissioning of your New Solar water heating System.
  8. Solar Nation deals in solar water heaters which has a life span of between 10 to 25 years.
  9. All our solar water heaters at Solar Nation come with an electric back up.

Applications of Solar Water Heaters.

At solar Nation we design solar water heater design and do installations for the following;

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Guest houses.
  • Homes
  • Barracks
  • Conventories
  • ETC…


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