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Design and Construction of Solar Driers & Green Houses

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Solar Drier and Greenhouses Design, Construction and Maintenance



Considering the growing energy crisis in Uganda, the need for green-energy alternatives is inevitable. Solar Nation’s  solar Drying technologies are key towards contribution to food Security in Uganda, Food processing must consider the application of renewable energy for replacing conventional and energy –intensive unit operations ; drying in particular. The utilisation of solar Energy for drying of foods remains to be attractive in terms of energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and rural applicability. Solar Nation is a pioneer in designing, construction and maintenance of Solar Driers and Green Houses in country.

Our Tech Team is well trained and equipped, in addition we have a network of reputable suppliers with whom we work with to ensure quality materials are used when constructing the driers.

Our Team has a wealth of experience in design, construction and technical backstopping of various Hybrid Solar Models as evidenced by the photos below: