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Expanding The Solar Supply Chain Finance

Extanding Solar Power across Uganda | Mubende

In Effort to make sure everyone gets power services at reasonable and affordable costs. Solar Nation is expanding its services deep in areas where power seems to be a problem.

We recently worked on the Mubende Project to make sure everyones recieves power

In recent years, solar panels have become one of the most popular home additions when it comes to saving money and living sustainably. Homeowners enjoy energy independence, a far smaller carbon footprint and perhaps best of all, lower electricity bills. 

However, homeowners often have questions. For starters, does having solar panels affect selling your house? Or more specifically, is it harder to sell a house with solar panels? Absolutely not! In fact, solar adds about 4% to the sale cost of your home

So, if you’re a homeowner selling a house with owned solar panels, it’s important to understand how owning a system may influence your selling process. Read on to learn more. 


Custom Listing Stlyes

  • Satisfaction Value For Money Solution
  • Business Accounting Management
  • Inventory Management Tracking System
  • The world as it is heavily dependent
  • Reliability and performance


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